If not now, when?

~ Ljubljana, Slovenia ~

Blogging has crossed my mind on multiple occasions over the last few years. In fact, it’s been just about a year since I created this site. Why? You’ll have to click on about me to learn a little more about my story.

There were many nights I’d sit and stare at the main page. I’d have certain start dates in mind, but nothing could ever get me to pull the trigger on publishing it. I had a 3 week adventure planned for Europe beginning in late January of 2018, and thought that it would be the perfect time to launch it.  Still, nothing! As I gazed out the window and watched the mountains pass me by, in the beautiful country of Slovenia, I began writing what would be my first post. It’s this very one you’re reading now and I hope it’ll be the beginning of many.

We all say we’ll do it, but do we really ever? I’ll go tomorrow, I’ll start tomorrow, there’s always time. I ask you this though, what if tomorrow never came? What if time is nothing more than a false reality?  The world will continue to exist long after we’re gone, so why do we continue to wait, to do the shit that we want to do? Ok, maybe this isn’t the post to share deep thoughts, but hopefully, you get the point.  Ride with me as I dive head first into a blogging world I know very little about.  What’s the worst that’ll happen? My words fall on deaf ears. Best case? I get to inspire just one person, in this great big world, to change their life for the better.

So I leave you with this, ask yourself if not now, when?


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