I left expecting one thing, but returned having found another …

SnapseedI had romanticized about traveling through Europe on the railways for a few years now. In the fall of 2016, while finishing up my plans for an excursion through Central America, I booked a random trip to Amsterdam. The flight was cheap, it was on my list of places to go, so I said fuck it. I wound up having an amazing time, met some beautiful souls and it opened a new door to a whole new world.

I usually start kicking the tires around on destinations about a year in advance and Prague had been on my mind. The original plan was to book a euro rail pass, start in Amsterdam and end in Prague. In between, I was just going to let the universe guide me along.

Prior to heading out to Europe, I was scheduled to spend a week down in the Caribbean. A little camping, and some much deserved downtime on the beaches.  Mother Nature would have her say. I had to put those plans off for the time being, so I decided to extend my European travels out another week or so. Instead of being led by the wind, I decided to add a few stops along the way.

Those of you following me on Facebook and Instagram got a taste of what I experienced. Pictures can only take the senses so far though, and you weren’t witness to all of the behind the scene moments. I don’t claim to be a seasoned traveler, but there’s a lot more that goes on than just capturing pretty pictures, meeting new people and forgetting about the world you’ve temporarily left behind.  Add traveling solo to the mix, and it adds another dimension.

not all those who wander, are lost ~ j.r.r. tolkien

Over the next few days/weeks, I wanted to take you on an adventure. This journey turned into a trip that may have forever changed my inner world. I left expecting one thing, but returned having found another.

For those of you who toss around the idea of adventuring with me sometime, be forewarned, extended traveling isn’t for everyone.

Volgend station, Amsterdam Centraal …


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