not all who wander are lost (pt. 1) …

PragueSomething internally had been pulling me towards Prague, CZ, months before I had even begun planning a trip there. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that initial pull I had, would prove right.

I had spent much of the 6 hour journey between Munich and Prague stuck in my head. Snapseed (14)Angst and heart ache would fill most of it. Specifics aside, it was a roller coaster of a ride. My Air B&B was about a 15 minute walk up hill from the train station, but it was a welcomed relief once I got in. It had a very homie feel to it. I didn’t miss home, but I was missing the daily comforts of my health routine. Travelling for extended periods of time has a way of throwing your entire body out of synch. Could this be why I was so emotionally torn up inside, or was it other forces at work? I showered, relaxed, did a quick meditation session and headed out.

Before I made my way into the city, I had sort of an oops moment. I needed to take some money out of the ATM machine. The Czech Republic has yet to adopt the Euro as its currency and uses the Czech Koruna. In an attempt to with-drawl cash, I accidently put in one too many zeros and wound up with about $800 US dollars worth of Czech money. Oops!

My first taste of Prague, would be at a restaurant called, Staromáček where I would be introduced to the potato dumpling. It’s pretty much mashed potatoes kneaded with flour and then boiled. Believe me when I say, they are amazing! There are a variety of ways to make them (side dish or a meal), so I pretty much ate those on a nightly basis for the duration of my stay in the Czech Republic. Afterwards, I wandered over to the old town square where I would be awed by a structure (Church of Our Lady before Týn) that looked like something out of a Disney movie. My night would conclude at a black light theater watching a play based loosely off of Alice in Wonderland.


I awoke the next day to a chill in the air, along with grey skies. After sharing my breakfast with a group of pigeons, I made the 2 mile walk across the city to an amazing viewpoint. Grey skies aside, I was immediately brought back to a semblance of peace.


my soul resides in an older world, not necessarily easier, but much simpler ~r~

My next to do, was a visit to the Prague Castle. The one thing about Europe that really fascinates me, is the condition that the countries keep these historical places in. So many of the structures dating back many, many years with obvious repairs made along the way, still giving off vibes of yesteryear. I could feel such a strong connection with this place. Almost like I had been there before, present but in a past life. As you make your way out of the castle grounds, you pass an area called Golden Lane. Built at the end of the 16th century, these dwarfed size houses were home to the castle marksmen who guarded the grounds. I seriously felt like I belonged here!



Much of the day had been spent wandering around city streets, climbing up steep hills and taking in the fantastic views. One of the most poignant moments I had, was while walking across the Charles Bridge. Some of the homeless set up shop here, a few with their dogs. They kneel down bent over with their hats out. Many of the tourists walking by not even giving a glance. I saw a group of girls handing out packages to each person they saw kneeling down. It reminded me of how compassionate, we all can still choose to be. By this point I was exahusted, hungry and wanted no part of expericeing the Prague nightlife. I just wanted a hot cup of tea, a book and my bed. My how the times are changing …

Snapseed (12)


2 thoughts on “not all who wander are lost (pt. 1) …

    1. Hi P.S., sorry for the delayed response, I never got a notification. Yes Prague can definitely be done by an inexperienced traveler. I’m not sure where you’re from, but minus the castle and older architecture, it’s much like any other city. I would go if I were you. Cheers!


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