turns out, i am still alive …

My trip south to Český Krumlov, had started off rather uneventfully. That would all change the moment I stepped foot on the train.Praha hlavní nádraží

I had reserved a seat for the two-hour ride that would take me from Praha to České Budějovice, the transfer point to my final destination. Although not mandatory, I felt better knowing I had a seat reserved. On some of the trains, the cars have compartments with 6 seats assigned to them. Much to my surprise, when I entered the area where I was supposed to be seated, there was an elderly lady sitting in my assigned seat. I wasn’t going to bother her, because the train was pretty empty, but seeing how I was a visitor in someone else’s country, I was going to stay put in the compartment. As soon as I tossed my backpack above the seats, the commotion began. She began yelling in what I assumed was Czech, waving her arms around, while checking other compartments. When I told her I didn’t understand, and spoke English, she just went “HMPH!” I tried pointing at my ticket, but to no avail. When the conductor finally came along to check tickets, he told me I was in the right car and that was my seat. He asked if I would like the lady to move. I said no, I just didn’t appreciate being yelled at like that. She glanced up and smiled. I get it, the train was empty, but I was also just following what my reservation had said. Lesson for me, always take a step back before reacting. Lesson for her, don’t sit in the reserved car if you don’t have a reservation. Luckily she got off about an hour into the journey and all the negative energy from the small confined space was cleared.

When I finally arrived in Český Krumlov, it was about a 45 minute walk to the Rodinný pension Antoni, my place of residence. It was quite the hike! Upon arrival, the door was locked, the curtains were all down and it appeared as if the place wasn’t even open. Laughable to be honest, considering how my day started. After placing a call, it turns out there was a small doorbell I had missed, to ring for reception.

the moment i stepped foot on your cobblestoned street, magic filled my soul, and my heart skipped a beat. turns out i am still alive ~r~

Český Krumlov


The scene out of Český Krumlov was something taken from a fairy tale story. I spent a full day and half in awe of this magnificent town. This place had pulled me back even further in time. Narrow streets lined with cobble stone and close quartered houses, all while being overlooked by the Český Krumlov Castle dating back to 1240. I spent both nights dining at Travel Hostel restaurant, an old stable for horses. Dumplings and dark beer would be on tap. My waiter was a funny guy, constantly asking me, “one more(beer)?” Krčma v Šatlava ulici (tavern in roundhouse street), which had unfortunately been booked up, cooks their meals on an open fire inside this dark, cave like setting. I did walk in, but since I wasn’t eating there, I felt odd taking pictures. Want a look in? Click the link here: Krčma v Šatlava ulici A pig strung up by its hoofs, while a blacksmith banged on iron added to the already mesmerizing ambiance. To put it simply, I had fallen in love. I sat along the Vltava river, which runs along the city, for a good 45/50 minutes soaking it all in. The smell, the sights, the sounds, it was sensory overload.Český Krumlov


Fun fact, which I unfortunatley read about after, some scenes from the horror flick Hostel, were filmed on location.

The visit to Český Krumlov, temporarily restored some internal peace to my psyche. I don’t really know how to explain it. Sure the pictures are pretty, but they can only take the senses so far. Up and out early, I made the 45 minute walk up-hill, back to the train station.

Ďalšia zastávka Bratislava …






2 thoughts on “turns out, i am still alive …

    1. It’s beautiful, a must see for anyone traveling through Europe. Bratislava was an interesting blend of old and new. I’ll have a new post up in the next day or two. Cheers!

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