why bratislava …


Why Bratislava? Why Bratislava in the winter?

Well between Český Krumlov and my next stop in Ljubljana, Slovenia I had a day to kill. I enjoy wandering around city streets, so I chose Bratislava rather blindly.

It turned out to be about a 6 hour train ride between countries and since I had spent so much time on the rails already, my longer travels were to starting to pass by with great ease.

I arrived around evening to more grey skies and a chill in the air. This would be my most interesting air b&b setup. It happened to be a studio in the basement of an apartment building. You had to climb up some wooden boxes to get to the bed, but the place was actually really nice. It certainly had its charm!

The next day, I woke up to a mix of rain/snow. My host for the day, Sara, was still gracious enough to venture out and show me around. The city itself was interesting. Much like many of my prior stops, it was a blend of old and new. But this old had a much different feeling. Communism ran the country of Czechoslovakia from 1948-1989. In 1993, Slovakia would become its own state, with Bratislava serving as its capital. Walking through the streets, you could still see and feel some of that history. We enjoyed a really nice day together, talking about everything. I adore getting to know people from a different culture and background. You learn to see things so differenlty. You begin to realize just how small, you really are.

BratislavaIt wasn’t the most pleasant of nights out weather wise, so I really had the whole city to myself. I strolled around looking for somewhere to settle into for a bit. A place called “Antique American Bar” caught my attention. It happened to be a small cocktail bar, with a cozy feel to it. The Beatles would supply much of the soundtrack for the night. Having only one beer availble, I was OK with that, I just wanted out of the cold. I got into a conversation with the bartender, and it turns out he had visited Seaside Heights before during his travels. For those reading this that don’t know the town, think of the MTV Jersey Shore show. Yes I’m from the Jersey Shore, no I don’t look or act like them. It’s actually amusing when I travel outside the states and people say to me “you don’t look like the Jersey Shore!” Thanks MTV! Anyways, the main point of the story was, you never know who you’ll meet, even 4300 miles away.

I had a very early train departure the next morning, so once again, I was trekking my way through the dark drizzly skies to the train station. A 7 hour train ride awaited. Still sound fun? Well to me it was, its all part of the adventure!

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