where will you land …

i heard that you had asked
about how i was doing
i smiled
not because you had asked
but because you still think of me
are things not as bright
has the sun dimmed it’s shine
is there an ounce of you that misses
how things used to be
i’d lie if i said
i haven’t thought about you
but not of the memories
or the things we used to do
i’ve finally moved on
to a very special place
one you could never have existed in
one where my heart finally feels safe
things are now brighter
this sun has found it’s shine
the road has been paved over
the wounds have healed with time
maybe it’s in my head
but i’ve seen this act before
the people who leave us for dead
at some point
they’ll come knocking on our door

this time i landed on my own two feet …


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