butterfly …

if butterflies can’t fly with broken wings, then how can we ever expect our love to soar freely with broken hearts?

i entered my previous relationship unaware at the time, that i was still reeling from a broken heart suffered a couple years prior. ultimately, it would be unfair to her and unfair to me. despite the fact, we managed to stay together for nearly 10 years. she told me the night she left, that i didn’t love her. those words haunted me for some time. i did love her, just not the way she had hoped and not the way i fully could have. sitting here nearly 3 years later, i’d be lying if i said i was completely healed, because honestly, i’m not sure we ever do. the scars of our past always remain visible within us. this time though i chose to embrace them, rather than look away. when i eventually meet my romantic muse, this time my heart won’t be broken. maybe a little chipped, but far from broken. the only thing that allowed this heart and these wings to grow again, was time spent healing spun tightly within my cocoon …


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