slumber …

our sleepy shore town
returns to its slumber
ushering in lighter air
and quieter streets
the sounds of summer
replaced by the echoing
of gentle swells
and falling leaves

i enjoyed one of my most memorable summers this year, finally being able to balance both work and play. i’m not sad to see it go though. there’s an energy that builds around this area as the summer progresses, one i’m not too fond of. it tends to always release the day after labor day, and this year was no different. we now look ahead to autumn, where the trees begin to release their leaves. also a time where we personally can continue, to release the old …


3 thoughts on “slumber …

  1. I may misread or misinterpret the last line, but if not, then how can we ‘release the old’ without letting go of ourselves? For are we not the Old continuously pushed into the New, which, with every second that passes, becomes old and part of our ‘new old self’?

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  2. My brain hurts from that one, haha! But I get what you’re saying. If you’d like to take it that deep, than your absolutely correct. The trees drop their leaves and wait for the arrival of spring when the new one are generated. My point being, we can release some of our old ways and habits, to make place for new growth.

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