self evaluation …

it’s been an interesting week friends. what started out as such a high from being on a stage, quickly dropped to a period of self evaluation and reflection. maybe it was the fact i got sabotaged by old ryan late sunday, or maybe because i had some wounds poked at, that i thought had closed up or possibly the constant bombardment of grey days. i’ve always told myself that i’d share the good and the bad on here. my life’s not all free spirited, travel, and adventure. i have my days where my feelings get in the way and they’ll do anything they can to derail me. i took a few things away from this past week 1.) what’s insignificant to one, may not be so insignificant to another. that unreturned message, that silent follow up, those broken plans, you may not think anything of it, but the person on the other end may see it differently. we’re all shaped by our experiences in life and as much as we try to ignore those moments that hurt us, deep underneath they leave their mark. 2.) none of us know shit. i post what i post to make you question life and to expand your mind. what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa, but just be open to it. we take in so much information these days, it’s hard to decipher what’s actually ours and what is others. i can say from experience though, there’s a reason things resonate with us from others. take those, blend them with your own beliefs and go from there. 3.) you keep expecting one day to wake up completely healed, while cherubs play their trumpets and a rainbow magically forms over your head. unfortunately, you don’t. you may have days, weeks or even months where everything goes smoothly, then one little poke and you’re like, oh hey, there you are. people may break us, but it also takes people to heal us. we just can’t see this, till we’re actually ready to. as the sun makes it triumphant return and the grey skies turn to color, i look ahead to bring everything i’ve learned forward. we can think it, we can speak it, but now it’s time to act on it …

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