fate awaits …

last night as i looked up into a starry sky, i asked the universe to send me a sign. send me something to let me know that i’m on the right path. well today as i made my way back across the summit of mt. abraham, i noticed a pretty young girl sitting at the top by herself. she looked like she didn’t want to be bothered, so i let her be. those who know me well enough, know that look. another couple had come up top and she mentioned to them about a plane crash being nearby. i asked about it and she gave me directions to it. she threw her headphones on and walked off. i’d cross paths with her again as i made my way down the trail. we shared a brief conversation, and then i headed off. being about 10 minutes ahead of her i thought to myself, “you should’ve asked her if she wanted company as we made our way down,” (i usually think of these things after.) we’d once again meet in the parking lot, where she was parked next to me. a quick smile and nod were exchanged to each other, as we both began taking off our muddy boots. i was sort of tongue tied at this point, and she appeared to be focused on finishing up, so no further conversation was shared. she backed up, took a look over her shoulder, waved to me and sped off. i share this story because i believe the universe sent me an answer today. the answer was to stay the course. that the girl you’re looking for, she exists. i was also reminded that life happens extremely quickly, and at any moment we’re provided with the opportunities that we’re looking for. do i think i missed an opportunity? no, because if this were an actual opportunistic moment, it would’ve played out differently. this was just a simple reminder that at any moment, fate awaits …

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