boys don’t cry …

if boys don’t cry
then explain to me
why did i
if i’m not strong enough
then explain to me
how i was able to stand up
when everything came crashing down
if i’m not allowed to feel
then please explain to me
how can i ever begin to heal

a few weeks ago i stood on stage in new york city and recited these words. there was more to the piece, but these specific words were the reason i wanted to share them. i’m once again beginning to speak up for myself, so i decided the time was right. my message was simple. it’s ok to feel what we feel. and no emotion should ever be brushed aside. whether you’re a man or a woman reading this, non of us are impervious to hurt and pain. as a male though, there’s just some added pressure not to show this more sensitive side. part of the self healing process has been opening myself back up the past couple of years, because closing myself down served no good. balancing out both my masculine and feminine side has been quite the process, as the pendulum has swung in both directions. anyone who says i’m weak or too sensitive, i dare you to step inside my head the past 3 years and deal with some of the mental chatter i’ve had to deal with and still somewhat deal with today. but this isn’t a message to say “fuck you”, this is a message to surrender. surrender to everything that makes you feel, because once you begin to feel, everything else will slowly begin to heal …

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