needs …

inspiring aha moments don’t always occur in front of beautiful scenery like this. they can just as easily happen while standing on a lawnmower engaged in a genuine conversation with a friend. we all have needs and asking for them to be met is a scary proposition. our society seems to frown upon people who act “needy”, so why bother asking for something, when you’ve most likely been shunned in the past for doing so. but what if we looked at asking for those needs to be met as an opportunity to heal, rather than ignoring them and watching as the same repeating patterns continually pass us by? what if we asked to feel safe and secure, rather than being left with feelings of angst and uncertainty. our past doesn’t have to define the present, but it certainly shapes it. my needs may differ from yours, but they’re of no less significance. i’d like to think, “meet me at my needs, i’ll meet you at yours, and together we’ll watch the magic unfold.” so where do we start? by asking the people who are either platonically or romantically involved with us, to meet us where we need them to and if they can’t, then gracefully move along. since the spring time i’ve been plagued with this question, “how am i still not showing up for myself?” i eat healthy, i stay active, i practice self love/healing techniques, but why do i feel like people continually don’t show up for me. well i received my answer today. i’ve actually known it for some time, but for whatever reason, today was the day i verbally spoke it and it finally sunk in. by not speaking up on how i need to be met, how can i ever expect to fully show up for myself. seems so easy, but it’s not. my voice had been silenced over the years due to many different, yet oddly reoccurring circumstances. i’m finding it again, only this time with much more self love and much more self respect …

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