sorry, you’re just not a priority …

one of the hardest lessons i’ve had to learn during the process of self healing has been, people will make time, for the people they most want to. life is all about priorities and where we place the people and things we most adore. i give everyone a chance, probably one too many. no one is above me, and no one is below me. we may all be on different paths in our lives, but underneath it all, i’d like to think we all still bleed the same. i’ve been doing this thing for the past year, and it takes practice, where when i catch myself saying “sorry, i’m busy”, i replace that in my head with “sorry, you’re just not a priority.” it allows me to take a step back and assess the situation i’m in. do i really not have the time, do i really need this time to myself, or am i just making an excuse to avoid something deeper that may be going on. there are times when life gets hectic and we need some time and space to ourselves, which will probably be the case for me this weekend, but there are other times when we have to face the reality of a situation and say, its time to put me aside for a day and tend to another. i went through a phase in my life where it was all about me, what i wanted, what i needed (although i really didn’t know at the time what my needs were.) if we weren’t doing what i wanted to do, i’d be a miserable prick. those days have changed though, and although i still need space where i need my alone time, i also understand that sometimes placing others above what i need is just as beneficial as placing myself above others. so i challenge you. the next time you tell someone sorry i’m busy, instead tell yourself “sorry, you’re just not a priority” and see what comes up. you may not be ready to face the answer that arises, but if you are, it could be the subtle change in your life that you’ve been looking for …

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