grateful …

today i’m grateful for sunrises on mountain tops.
this was my second sunrise hike
and for some odd reason
i keep choosing the coldest days of the year to trek them.
it’s not that i’m purposely planning it that way
it’s just that the earth keeps doing her thing.
i’m not one to shy away from a challange
or i guess stupididty to some of you
so i eagerly awaited it.
as i made way mountaintop
the only noise
the increasing sound of my breath.
time ceased to exist.
i imagined being
the last remaining human on earth.
down below
the commotion of thanksgiving day
far from its precipice.
for just a few hours
i had the entire earth to myself.
colors began to lit up the sky
and a bone chilling cold
blew sharply through the air.
as i peeked over my shoulder
i was quickly reminded
that i was indeed
not the last remaining human on earth.
a young male came running up in shorts
just missing out
on the new day rising.
i turned around and said,
you’re fucking crazier than me …


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