7 years ago …

seven years ago i felt a shift. internally i knew it was time for a bunch of things to change. what i didn’t know was that seven years later, that shift would still be lingering. think about where you are now, now think about seven years from now. seems like forever right? well it is, and it isn’t. when i look back and notice all the changes that have occurred, i’ve noticed one reoccurring theme, all the events were leading me to here. there have been no steps back, in the sense i decided to settle down into old ways. sure there were times i put the old facade up, but i never lingered there for too long. i had to continuously purge most of the old out of my system, to bring about the new. that pesky thing called time, it never stops. not for me and not for you and although seven years may seem like an eternity from now, do you still want to be questioning the if’s and only’s seven years from then? what better time than now, to start living the life you truely deserve …

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