sunflower …

“You were just as shattered as I was when we parted ways –

The only difference was you had another to distract your mind and body

what an empty feeling.” ~ Demetria Gregorakis

what does a 26 year old sunflower and a 38 year old sequoia have in common? more than you think. fall ’17/winter of ’18 turned out to be a season of mourning. i remember feeling completely lost, alone and unable to connect with anyone or anything. life seemed to monotonously continue on for everyone except me. i dare say this book found me at just the right time, and when i needed it the most. her words provided me with comfort and helped me to turn a corner. it made me realize that others were out there, others were hurting and others weren’t hiding behind their beckoning internal pain. unbeknownst to me at the time, i would eventually swim farther out, to an even emptier open sea. this book kept me afloat though. it gave me hope and promise, that i actually wasn’t alone in this fight. for the flower who kept blooming on the darkest of days and the tree who kept growing through the harshest of fires, we’re no so different after all …


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