turning a corner …

“A major reason that we want to be connected with someone is because we want our inner world to be seen, felt, heard and understood.” ~ Teal Swan

have you ever gone into a book store searching for one topic, but left having found another? that’s exactly what happened with this title. i was feeling a little off emotionally since thanksgiving, kind of like i was going through a break-up, however i actually wasn’t. it wasn’t the first time i’ve felt this way, and i expect it won’t be the last, so i wanted to find a book on how the moon cycles related to our inner world. Unable to find one, i perused the shelves and my eyes stopped on this one. an excerpt about learning how to follow through, struck a specific chord. within 3 days i had all 252 pages read, providing me with the reassurance, i so desperately needed.

i ebb and flow with books, some days nauseated by the very thought of reading, while others unable to put them down. my last three posts focused on titles that helped me to turn a corner. if you’re out there tonight in need of some knowledge, comfort, or reassurance, i hope you’re open to reading all or any of the three. they found me when i needed them to, and now i hope they will find you as well …

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