taken for granted …

as i walked through the bustling crowd on 7th ave, a young homeless man was sitting indian style in front of madison square garden with a sign. hoards of people walked by him, blindly turning an eye. what was on his mind, what was on theirs. my senses told me he was genuinely in need, so i gave him a $20 bill and said merry christmas. he graciously said, thank you. what he did with that going forward is on him. what i did with that going forward is realize he was no less, than any one of us. as christmas rapidly approaches, i ask you to think about someone less fortunate than you this holiday season. take one day to buy or donate to someone or something, who isn’t in your position. there are a lot of things i’ve taken for granted over the years and to be honest, most of us are lucky to be in the situations we are in regardless of how shitty it may seem at times. the tin man said, “i shall take the heart. for brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world.” if more of us started acting from the heart and less from our brains, maybe our blind eyes would finally start opening …

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