different perspective …

sometimes i think to myself
all i want to do is find another
one who sees it
one who gets it
one who wants to share it
we get shamed at times
for wanting that
but i think for people like us
we seek love
from a different perspective
god knows
there are nights i want to go out
get black out drunk
and sleep with another
just seems to be the way to connection these days
however, i know i’ll feel worse
so i dig in
and embrace the alone time
i promise you, it does get easier
the lows stretch themselves out
but you start to question
why do these lows
keep on appearing
i’ve put in the work
i’ve served my time
i think i know why
but, maybe i don’t
until i make my final move
i need to continue
riding these waves
it’s ok to feel lonely
there are many nights i do
but just keep
reaching out your hand
we’re out there
don’t let the world make you succumb
to their hurting ways …


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