be not afraid …

“be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.” ~ chinese proverb

a year ago, things would’ve been different.

sitting in dive bars wondering what was i doing in here, were the thoughts crossing my mind.

not to say i didn’t find one with a fine selection of beers, someone to briefly chat with and the pungent smell of cigarette smoke bellowing in the air, but something had changed.

i found myself looking up yoga studios instead of my past hangouts prior to my arrival in nashville.

what’s that about?


i grabbed an early lunch in east nashville, and decided to trek 25 minutes over to five points where the kali yuga yoga studio was located.

amidst the local sellers and art shops, were more bars, more drinking and more tv’s.

i needed out.

so i found a cafe and unknowingly backtracked to the plaza where i had found myself eating sweet potato/black bean tacos just a few hours earlier.

i then made the 25 minute walk back to the yoga studio where i was able to regain some semblance of balance after a 90 minute session.

my two worlds growing ever so close to each other, but yet to have completely merged.

welcome to east nashville …

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