words …

“each branch outstretched
different from the rest
where the old have broken off
some easier than the last
the right ones have grown in
to fill in the gaps
and all are equal in love and
and all are a part of something bigger
so much bigger than this” ~ we came as romans

24 hours after the mayhem on boadway had subsided, i found myself back on the main drag. my yoga session earlier, having cleared out most of the energy taken in from the night prior.

somehow i wound up being the only patron in the whiskey bent saloon for some time, while justine blazer and her band played.

a private show on broadway avenue? i’m one lucky guy.

she had just finished up with a song by don henley called, dirty laundry, and spoke about how the lyrics sang to her. i sat and smiled, because i could relate. we all can relate.

that’s why muscians sing to us and writers write to us. there’s power and connection through words. some unable to express them vocally. others unable to express them visually. yet all able to express them internally …

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