battery monster …

Snapseed 11

traveling from your travels. sometimes you just need to get away from the herd.

i sat down on the runway of the now defunct cornelia fort airpark, took out my camera and turned it on. no power! again bitten by the blood sucking battery monster. i never claimed to be a photographer, only a writer. even in saying that, i made a very costly error yesterday. one had i slowed down, could’ve been avoided.

in a different time, i would’ve been very hard on myself for being so dumb and careless. but now, i quickly made peace with it and didn’t allow the inner critic to break me down. i fucked up, so what, it’s just a part of life. along the line we’re taught that fucking up is a bad thing. we then carry that into our adult lives believing it’s a bad thing to make a mistake. see what i’m getting at?

they say we keep repeating the same patterns untill we learn our lesson.

have i finally learned the lesson being presented before me …

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