country roads …

“country roads take me home
to the place i belong” ~ john denver

not necessarily west virginia, but some of you out there feel me.

i had a plan before i hit the road out of nashville. but much being the spontaneous being i am, i changed course. i decided to venture farther out to the country side and deeper into the forest.

springtime in decemeber.

the trail down to the base of the cummins falls waterfall was closed off, so i made my way up to the look out vista. i met a man from kentucky photographing there. we shared a short discussion about whether or not to disregard the sign. he mentioned another site, about 30 minutes from where we were.

as we parted ways, i contemplated, do i cross the closed off area and make my way to the base of the falls, or do i change course yet again and take the sign presented before me.

we’re alway presented with choices. good and bad. only we get to decide which choice to make. that choice always altering, the remainder of our lives.

my choice …

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