deviate …

if your answer was he’s going to go down, i didn’t.

i am extremely adventurous, however the trail was a bit muddy and it was a steep decline to the base of the river. my better half got the better of me on this one.

i decided to heed the advice of my fellow trail walker and continue onwards to my unplanned destination. as fate would dictate, i was treated to this amazing view only an hour later.

a rusty caged in staircase took you to the base of the burgess falls, but due to erosion and instability, you were unable to go down it. my lesser half got the better of me here, as i made a short climb down to the edge of a cliff.

at the top of the falls you were able to walk through the shallow river almost to the crest. unable to see over it, but able to hear the power of what waited beneath. here i was standing at the edge of a waterfall, and all it took was a random stranger from kentucky, to alter the remainder of my day. would you believe we crossed paths again on my way out of the forest?

what did i take out of this experience? a reminder to never be afraid of deviating from the plan. you never know, where it may lead to …

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