early morning …

early morning is when you’re at your absolute best imperfect self. you stretch your arms back, wipe the dried crusties from you eye lids and catch a whiff of your stank ass morning breath. you stumble to the bathroom all dreary eyed and disheveled, hoping to enjoy just a few minutes of alone time. you sit down on the frozen toilet seat and begin thinking about your day. before you let that thing they call life grab hold of you, take a moment and think of yourself.

i’ve enjoyed many of those moments, and i’ve enjoyed many of these. given the choice, i think i’d rather spend the remainder of my days standing on bridges watching the sun rise with minimal savings, rather than sitting on a cold toilet seat stewing in my own shit, trying to figuring out how to save for the rest of my unforeseen life. thats not to say i still don’t have moments like that, but increasing the moments like these and less like those didn’t happen overnight. they take time, and if you’re itching for a change, there’s no better time to start than today. you’ve got one shot at the life you’ve always wanted to live, so why waste it behind someone else’s idea of how its supposed to be achieved …


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